Friday, October 23, 2009

APE Day 2

(this is one of those few times I'll double post comics here and on Weird Fishes.)

There are so many people to mention that I didn't get to draw! Jon Bean was a great table partner, and Serena and Karl were both fabulous, and Ted played the ukulele! Dan was great. Visit Julien and his comic The San Lukas Arboretum. And check out Lark Pien. Thanks to everyone for making the weekend happen!

Also, check out my etsy store, where I put up some of the wallets and mini paintings that I was selling at the show.

If you picked up a copy of Weird Fishes and want to be famous, send me a picture of you with the book and I'll put you in a gallery!

This Wednesday (Oct 28th) I'll be at Atlantis Fantasyworld signing copies of Weird Fishes. Come visit me there all day!

11/6 First Friday : The Art of Jamaica Dyer at Slave Labor Graphics
Part of the First Friday Art Walk in San Jose, Slave Labor Graphics is hosting a show of watercolor paintings from Weird Fishes. You may have viewed them on my website or you’ve seen them reproduced in black and white in the graphic novel, but there’s nothing quite like seeing the original work in person. Opening reception at 8pm, and the show will be up all November.

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Chappy said...

Just finished Weird Fishes. really liked it. Thanks so much for the book and the interview at APE. Good times :)