Friday, November 21, 2008


The Happy Tree Friends Episode I worked on is online!

I cleaned up drawings for a lot of the Splendid and Splendont poses, as well as the exploding whale. It was a VERY surreal moment while cleaning up whale guts and thinking about all the years in animation school and how they never did mention the day you find yourself drawing cartoon animals exploding. I probably wouldn't have believed them anyway.

What a fun cartoon to work on! Thanks Ghostbot!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wine Hobo / Show Posters

My latest project is a little comic for Dark Horse Myspace Presents! The story was part of my senior animation storyboarding project and it's pretty cool to see it as a comic... I'll link to it next month when it goes online!

This Esurance commercial is my first big project that I worked on at Ghostbot. A great deal of the drawings were given to me as line drawings, and I cleaned up and colored them in Flash. Crazy to see how the guys at Ghostbot animated the spot, I'm pretty happy with it.

Today I collaborated with RW to create this poster for her show in a couple weeks. She's one of the most talented people I know, an amazing musician, and we based this drawing off of a dream she had. We spend the evening posting these around Santa Cruz, it should be fun!

Weird Fishes Cover
The Weird Fishes comic is going into second printing!

Ape 2008
And in case you weren't there, here's our table at APE.

All the best,