Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sketching in Coffee Shops

I finally got myself back into the habit of bringing my sketchbooks around with me. In school this practice was strictly enforced, and it's no big surprise that I ended up going out with my school buddy Charlene, who is amazing at finding great spots to do drawings. Plus, this past week my computer's graphic card melted (uh huh!) so I got to spend even more time out drawing people rather than at home working on the laptop. Enjoy!

Oh AND, the Silicon Valley Metro did a big article about Slave Labor and they did a pretty cool interview with me. And they used my art on the cover! You can read the article here.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm very excited about October! It's just been announced that I'm going to be one of the special guests at APE this year, which is pretty amazing. APE has always been my favorite convention, I haven't missed a year since I was 16, and I've done almost every sort of promotion, from being on foot and handing out 'zines from my bookbag, to piggybacking at friend's tables, to various collaborations and table-sharings, but this year I'll be debuting my first graphic novel, be signing at the SLG table, and have a panel of my very own. Whew, it's been a fun journey so far!

Right now at SLG studios they have a jazz-themed gallery, and here's the finished piece I did for the show:

I haven't had much of a break since Comic-con, where I did some promotional work for Weird Fishes, met a bunch of great people that I'll hopefully get to work with in the near future, went to one or three great after-parties, attended Awesomecon and got to see The Mighty Boosh live, which was incredible. It was literally a day packed with Boosh: a great panel and a party that basically everyone who's anyone went to, where Bollo and Naboo DJ'd while Vince danced onstage wooing the girls down below. Ahh, good times.

And here's a kitty.