Friday, February 29, 2008

Flash storyboards & cleanup

I've been working on storyboards lately, drawing them out in flash. Here are a few shots from the Beethoven-inspired ballroom scene we're doing in class.

I'm really finding a love for Flash, and I'm learning about the clean-up process. Here I have my initial sketch, line drawing in flash, and non-line.

And here, a panel from my upcoming comic. I'm thinking of making b/w stickers out of this image, eh?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dee and The Boy in the Bunny Suit

Over winter I worked on a painting and began a new comic/graphic novel. Above you can see the painting, an image that captures the overall feeling of this new project. Dee, a girl who sees imaginary things, and The Boy in the Bunny suit, her best friend and companion. This piece is done in Photoshop, using layers of sketches, linework, painting and digital color.

The comic book pages I'm working on are in color, and it's my favorite project so far. I'll start posting frames in the upcoming weeks.

Also, for those of you in the Bay Area, the movie I helped with last winter, "Glory Boy Days", just came back from Slamdance and is going to be showing at San Jose's Cinequest in early March! I helped work on almost every set/location in the film, and /may/ make a brief appearance with my fellow art department, so definitely take a look. I'll be there Friday night March 7th, and you can buy your tickets here.