Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Greek God Character Designs

For our latest assignment, we're working in groups to design a short film based on the 2008 Olympics. My group decided on a story involving the Greek gods Zeus, Artemis and Hermes, and I've been designing the look of the characters. We're going for something graphic and simple, based on a warm color palette. Take a look:

This is one of the more accessible styles I've tried, and it's giving me a good insight into how the creative process works in a group, and how my work is received by others. Here, for example, is the initial character lineup sketch, along with the revised, lineup in color.

And lastly, this assignment started with a vegetable-based character design exercise, which gave birth to Mina Baroo, a supermodel and star pole-vaulter. She's also a great great decendant of Hermes, if'n you couldn't tell.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Duke's Bedroom - process

This has been one of the more intensive pieces I've done, finally utilizing every step of the process, from thumbnailing to photo referencing to scanning thumbnails, blowing up thumbnails, drawing over thumbnails, and lightboxing a finished drawing, and then doing all the coloring in photoshop, and even doing inkwork over the photoshop printouts. It never would have come this far if we hadn't been forced to re-work it every week for a month after thinking we were finished with the project. However, after showing this piece to a few pros, composition/character posing issues were brought up and now I'll probably be redrawing it. However, while this process took me over a month to complete, I think it'll go much faster and look better next time. Starting to "see" what I want and how to do it, which is exciting. And also managing to get some nice paint effects in photoshop.

So I'm considering changing the time period for the new bedroom picture.... maybe 1920's flapper fight? I could make a series!