Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Greek God Character Designs

For our latest assignment, we're working in groups to design a short film based on the 2008 Olympics. My group decided on a story involving the Greek gods Zeus, Artemis and Hermes, and I've been designing the look of the characters. We're going for something graphic and simple, based on a warm color palette. Take a look:

This is one of the more accessible styles I've tried, and it's giving me a good insight into how the creative process works in a group, and how my work is received by others. Here, for example, is the initial character lineup sketch, along with the revised, lineup in color.

And lastly, this assignment started with a vegetable-based character design exercise, which gave birth to Mina Baroo, a supermodel and star pole-vaulter. She's also a great great decendant of Hermes, if'n you couldn't tell.

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