Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weird Fishes Trailer

Slave Labor put together this amazing trailer for Weird Fishes. I'm really moved by it... you can only spend too much time living with your comic and going through the whole writing process before you forget what you've actually put together. This trailer lets me see the story in a completely new way... now I want to see it as a movie! Wow!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Comic-con's arrived in a storm and I did some last-minute planning to get myself there. I'll be doing some promotion at Slave Labor for the upcoming Weird Fishes graphic novel, I am told there will be postcards and I'll bring a pen for sketches and goodies. So far, the times I'll be sitting at the SLG booth are:
Thurday 10-11:30, 5:30-7, and Friday 10-11:30.

I'll be jumping around a bunch of different tables, tracking down Noel and Julien, and trying to sit in on some animation panels.