Friday, November 21, 2008


The Happy Tree Friends Episode I worked on is online!

I cleaned up drawings for a lot of the Splendid and Splendont poses, as well as the exploding whale. It was a VERY surreal moment while cleaning up whale guts and thinking about all the years in animation school and how they never did mention the day you find yourself drawing cartoon animals exploding. I probably wouldn't have believed them anyway.

What a fun cartoon to work on! Thanks Ghostbot!


roque said...

Cartoon animals exploding is just the tip of the iceberg...just you wait.

Thanks for the great work!

Sean Petrilak said...

Emanji pork-choppy McMoots, that was splendid!

chrystal said...

thanks! o yea, barron brought in your comic he got from ape and said it was the only one from the program that really understood sequential drawing. which btw, was an awesome looking comic! you're working now! are you freelancing or working in a company now? nice happy tree friends clip!

A Highly Refined Pirate said...

Whoot I love guts! I bet they were fun cleaning up too!