Monday, May 25, 2009

Rock Poster

Got a call yesterday that I can do anything I want for the poster as long as it's for a rock show and has the information they need on it and gets done ASAP. So I scribbled up this girl and got to try out some new brushes in the inking and play around with lettering and adding color. Really quite happy with it, and super fun too! These are getting printed as posters and put all over Santa Cruz this week.

Here's another piece I did recently as well, based on some vintage cartoons my client liked. I think the end result was very whimsical, and I like how my hand-lettering turned out too.


chrystal chan said...

jamaica, your stuff is getting more and more awesome to look at. o yes, and your lettering for the 2nd one is sweet! btw, i think persona 4 came out already : )?? yea sometime we should do a gallery together : )!

Sean Petrilak said...


Red Fox said...

Very cool poster.