Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dee's Siren Song Gallery Opening Dec 18th

Mission: Comics & Art presents "Dee's Siren Song" by San Francisco based artist Jamaica Dyer, who's first graphic novel, Weird Fishes, a collection of her web comic was recently published by SLG Publishing. The show opens with an artist reception and book signing at 7pm on December 18, 2009 and runs to January 27, 2010. Well known comic writer and Internet purveyor, Warren Ellis has this to say about Dyer's work "The only explanation for Jamaica Dyer is that she was built by aliens and dropped here to show us all how crap we are compared to her."

Santa Cruz native and recent Mission resident, Dyer's work includes comic books, illustration and animation with an eye to the fanciful and surreal. Her book Weird Fishes, as she says, "is a story about growing up and realizing that all your childhood eccentricities might make you a total outsider as you enter your teenage years, along with the realization that reality isn’t really what it seems. Dee is at the center of the story, and she sees giant talking ducks and other imaginary creatures, and her best friend is a boy from school nicknamed The Bunny Boy has worn the same Halloween costume for years. When he decides to start being cool and stop hanging out with Dee, suddenly the friendly ducks become monsters and her reality changes forever."

"Dee's Siren Song" by Jamaica Dyer
Showing Dec. 12, 2009 - Jan. 27, 2010
Opening Reception and book signing - 7pm Dec.18, 2009
Mission: Comics & Art
3520 20th St. Suite B
San Francisco, CA 94110

This gallery show follows the progression of Dee from a simple sketch to an estranged teenager, into her adventures in college. For the first time you'll see artwork from the new comic in the Weird Fishes storyline and get a glimpse of what is coming next as Dee becomes an adult and delves into her fantasies about her lost Bunny Boy.

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