Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wine Hobo Storyboards

Here are the storyboards for a project I lovingly call "Wine Hobo." As part of our senior portfolio, we each had to develop a short story based in 1800 Vienna and encompassing the feeling of Beethoven. So, naturally, I did a short fantasy story about a hobo who has a scandalous adventure with a giant bottle of wine. Proclaimed "truly bizarre" by my instructors, I think it's one of my better accomplishments.

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Charlene Fleming said...

Dude, Jamaica, seriously, I'm not just saying this because you're my friend... I really do love this concept. It's so wierd and fantastic and ridiculous and original. I would love to see this animated. Hell, I would love to animate it and I don't even really like to animate! Plus, I have an affinity for hobos... you may or may not recall my 114 film about the hobo who loses all his money in the wind. Your boards are gonna be so fantastic when you smooth out the wrinkles here and there. I really hope that the faculty and future employers appreciate your uniqueness.