Sunday, March 16, 2008

Flash Cleanup- Artemis

Working on cleaning up some animation in Flash this weekend. It's my first time cleaning up pencil tests frame-by-frame, and it's a strange combination of compelling/exciting and excruciating. To keep myself going, I colored one of the frames and composited in the background, and I'm pretty pleased:

Of course, it's at this stage in the game that I wonder: Did I design her too whorish?

It's going to be a long next couple weeks to get our whole short film cleaned up and colored, but the final product will be so worth it. It's super neat to see my character designs go through storyboards, animation, and now to get my hands dirty in the final stages.

As for now, with all the layers turned on, this is the sort of thing I'm looking at:

Wish me luck!

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