Thursday, February 22, 2007

Viz Dev Kitchen

Our first Viz Dev project: create a kitchen for the short story "The Ordinary Son" by Ron Carlson. We took some liberties with the kitchen, seeing as the family never used the kitchen, didn't own furniture or a fridge. Here we have the younger genius brother making his mathematical ramblings on butcher paper, while the ordinary son tries to read to make himself genius. I wanted the eye to wander between the two of them. Drawn with pens, gesso and pencil. I've never felt both so happy (because I've never drawn anything like this) and unhappy (because I can't achieve the level I want to) with a piece before. And so the semester begins!

1 comment:

Shafeen Alam said...

i was wondering who did this one, when it was on the wall. I really like it, its a great composition. My favorite two elements is the younger brother drawing on the butcher paper and the open refrigerator door. Awesome piece, look forward to what you come up for the Drowned Giant.